Fall Break 2016

Amanda Zahn
Amanda Zahn

By:  Amanda Zahn

This past Tuesday night (or Wednesday morning for some of us who procrastinated a bit), students began packing for not just a closed weekend, but for fall break. The university cancelled all classes on Thursday and Friday so that students would have the chance to go home and visit with their families and enjoy a couple days off from class. Some would say fall break comes at just the right time, marking the half way point during the semester. Some argue a better couple of days could have been picked, as the next week is a week of midterms for the majority of classes. All would agree, though, the break is much needed by this time in the semester, so it was looked forward to with much anticipation across the board.

As student’s final classes let out on Wednesday, Academy student’s began the process of checking out of the building. When leaving for extended breaks, the Academy enforces a different checkout policy than usual, requiring rooms be cleaned a little more stringently than as required weekly. So, rather than just packing for home, students also set about cleaning their rooms (which, like the break, was probably much needed for some!). By 7 pm, the building was void of all students, each having left for their own fall break adventures.

Academy students did many things with their break from their typical schedule. Many stayed at home, simply enjoying spending time with family and friends from their hometowns as well as catching up on things such as their studies, sleep, and Netflix. Some, however, took this time to go on a few college visits, with seniors getting the chance to tour the schools that they are currently working on applying to. Overall, fall break was a chance for everyone to catch up on a few things that had been pushed aside during the thus far busy weeks at the Academy this school year. Sunday afternoon students began returning to the building, ready to take on the next few weeks of this semester!

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