Harlaxton 2017: Haworth and The Moors

Grayson Fuller

By: Grayson Fuller

Today we departed from Harlaxton Manor and headed to the small town of Keighley. Here we boarded a steam train which carried us to the village of Haworth. The village seems to be in a constant state of rain and cold, and we quickly sought shelter in Haworth Church to await our tour. In small groups, we left the church to tour the parsonage that the Brontë sisters grew up in. Here we saw where the sisters conducted the majority of their writing. Also, we saw some of the original pieces of literature the sisters produced, written in the minuscule script that was characteristic of all the Brontë sisters.


After departing the parsonage, we began our walk through the moors. These stark, tranquil hills served to give us insight into how Emily Brontë illustrated them in her novel Wuthering Heights. On our trek, we experienced not only the beauty of the moors, but also the difficulty of having to climb them. This opportunity afforded us tremendous understanding of the characters in Emily Brontë’s aforementioned novel, allowing us to personally relate to Catherine and Heathcliff and to experience a work of literature in a way that few can.

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