2017-2018 Avatar: Alexa Thompson

Alexa Thompson

Hello new Gatton students and family! I am super excited for the upcoming year as an Avatar and a community leader. I am a senior from Bowling Green, and I attended Bowling Green High School. I chose Gatton because, apart from the close-knit and non-competitive community, I really wanted a more challenging curriculum where I could begin to further explore my interests in biology and foreign language.

In the future, I plan on attending medical school to become a reconstructive surgeon, so this jump start is exactly what I’ve needed. Furthermore, other opportunities have presented themselves such as Study Abroad and STEM Plus. I am taking an advanced track in Arabic because I have been fortunate enough to have previous exposure to the language through the STEM Plus Critical Language track. I have traveled with Gatton to Greece and Harlaxton (England) and hope to travel again in January. I love biology and psychology, which I will be doing research in this fall, and I hate coding.

Some of my passion include Spanish, traveling, and Zumba. This summer I took my first solo trip abroad to Heredia, Costa Rica, where I studied Spanish twenty hours a week. I have also studied in Spain and have traveled to Mexico and Portugal. In my free time, I frequently go to Preston for Zumba classes or just to work out. If anyone has a Wii and wants to challenge me to a Just Dance-off, I’m game. This year I will be co-captaining an intramural volleyball team with another senior, Wendy Cecil.

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