2016 College Visits

Emma Reed
Emma Reed

By:  Emma Reed

Tis the season…for college visits. From small liberal arts schools to huge state universities. Gatton gets visits from near and far.

We had visits from returning favorites such as Washington University and Vanderbilt. These institutions are popular for Gatton students. Wash U’s high medical acceptance rate makes it a personal favorite of medical-school-bound graduates and Vandy’s close proximity and research facilities make it another top pick for Gatton alumni.

Alongside the recurring favorites, we also had visits from lesser-known universities including Sewanee: University of the South and a trio visit from Carleton, Middlebury, and Macalester Colleges. I personally enjoyed learning about the traditions of Sewanee. Including the fact that they dress for class. As someone who loves PJ’s a little too much, I found this fascinating.

As well as returning favorites, we also got to see some new faces. We met the new representative from Northeastern University. As a flexible university with a belief in hands-on learning, this is another favorite for Gatton students looking for a New England education.

We also got a visit from MIT. Gatton has never received a visit from MIT in the past. We were excited this year to open our doors to Dan and Theresa Nolet, both graduates of MIT.  It was fun to hear their stories of the “hacks” that took place as well as their lives after college.

It is always a pleasure to see so many faces in the Gatton lobby. While we can’t apply to all of them (some have tried), I know that I really appreciate these colleges taking time to come and visit. It’s fun to learn about the traditions and opportunities that these school have to offer us.

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