Greece 2017: Sparta

Amanda Zahn

By: Amanda Zahn

Another day has passed here in Greece and my oh my how this trip is flying by! It’s hard to believe we have almost crossed all the destinations off our lists of places to see.

Today’s destination: Sparta.

Though the main event of the day was visiting the city of Sparta, our day did begin in Nafplio bright and early, per usual. By 8 am, our group had all walked to the main square in town and stood waiting outside the Archaeological Museum of Nafplion, our first stop of the day. The doors opened and, with our guide sheet in hand provided by Irene, we took some time to explore the museum and view the multitude of artifacts found throughout the Peloponnese region that are housed there. Then we loaded up the bus and headed for the main attraction of the day… Sparta!

Unfortunately, as we drove to Sparta the weather took a downhill turn and the rain began. Luckily it wasn’t cold enough for this to be snow or ice, but it did mean we could no longer visit the acropolis of Sparta. We could still go to our first stop in Sparta, though. This was the Archaeological Museum of Sparta, which houses many artifacts found around the ancient city-state of Sparta. For this museum we had a guide who told us many stories about the Spartans and the various artifacts.

To make up for not going to the acropolis of Sparta, we changed plans and also visited the Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil to spend some time learning how olive oil was traditionally produced and used throughout Greek civilization.

We then headed for a quick stop at the statue of Leonidas, the warrior king of Sparta back during the Persian wars. Since it was raining, it was a quick stop and we took a quick group photo of everyone doing their best battle cry. Finally, it was time for a late lunch. We found a nice little restaurant in town with a bakery next door so that we could have some lunch and dessert before loading up the bus and heading back to Nafplio.

With it being our final night in Nafplio, we had some free time before dinner to shop and such. Groups split off to visit the city’s quaint little shops and various ice-cream and gelato shops. I myself got gelato and I must say, it tasted like the authentic Italian gelato. So, all in all, it ended up being a good, full day of experience, despite the rain.

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