Gatton Goes to College: 2017

By: Tricia Thompson

Though some of the seniors may have left their decision until the very last minute on the May 1st deadline, come May 2nd, the entire senior class is officially all registered for “real college.” So, Gatton held a celebration. The seniors gathered in their college t-shirts over delicious food to celebrate our rapidly approaching next steps.

From Colorado Springs to Boston to Lexington to right here in Bowling Green, the class is preparing to scatter, but for one afternoon, we gathered to take goofy pictures with college pennants and celebrate out classmates’ successes. The official photographer captured many of the more serious shots but missed the swordfighting with pennants, piggyback rides, and elderly impersonations happening in the background. Wings took pictures for posterity to see where their suitemates and hallmates were off to. There was the occasional surprise of “I didn’t know you were going there too!”

Before all of this though, we sat in a seminar and shared memories with the juniors. From memories on the Moors in England to funny quotes from well-remembered professors to some of the antics one stumbles upon simply walking through the building, it was a day to look back with happiness and look forward with excitement.

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