Harlaxton 2017: Second-to-Last Day of Class and Preparation for a Play!

Benjamin Kash

By: Ben Kash

Our second-to-last day of class culminated to an exciting lecture on 17th Century English monarchs and the English Civil War. Our minds may have grown weary after some in-depth poetry analysis but don’t fret because a triple entente of eclairs, crepes, and donuts for lunch raised our spirits. Afterwards, we scattered around the manor and Grantham to partake in activates ranging from croquet to thrift store shopping.

This afternoon, I found myself on a stage, rehearsing for a production that about 15 of us will be performing Friday evening. This piece is a modern take on a Robert Rodrigues classic… Sharkboy and Lavagirl the Musical! By combining the time-honored plotline of the 2005 hit with adapted musical renditions, director JJ Marquardt hopes to produce, direct, and star in a performance that will elicit the nostalgia of a generations youth with the excitement of contemporary tunes. I will be attempting to fill the shoes of the great Taylor Lautner as I take on the role of Sharkboy. Please check back soon to hopefully read some good reviews of our Planet Drool original.

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