Last Fall on the Hill

Natalie Ngong

By: Natalie Ngong

Now that I’m a senior, certain things are dawning on me. First, that the Visual Performing Arts Library located in the basement of Cravens library might be the perfect study nook (ideal lighting, surrounded by music and books (but never dust), and usually only a few people around.)

Second, fall on the hill is gorgeous. Last year my Saturdays were spent deep in the thrall of sleep but this year I’ve had time to explore while the majority of WKU students are asleep. The campus is beautiful, with the nice breeze that comes this time of year and the trees starting to turn the vibrant orange of fall (it’s especially nice when I decide to treat myself to a cup of coffee for my walk.)

Third, this is going to be my last fall at Gatton, and depending on how college decisions work out, maybe at WKU. Next year I won’t get to use meal swipes on the seasonal fall drinks with some of the baby juniors still naïve to the joys of Java City. I won’t get to appreciate from Florence Schneider the homecoming parade when it comes down the road. I won’t get to run down to the staff member’s offices and beg for a final review of an essay before it is due (since I’m squarely in college app season and I don’t know if that’s a bad thing). In the two years that I’ve been here, Gatton has really become my home. A home filled with family and friends, and traditions that until now I didn’t realize I had. So I’ll really miss fall from my Florence Schneider home.

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