Tri-Delt: Gatton’s Greatest Volleyball Team

Alexa Thompson

Alexa Thompson

Last year, the intramural volleyball program for WKU approached before I had time to sign up for a team, so this year I decided over summer to discuss and create teams with some other senior girls. We were able to make a female team of about 10 people. As a spin on our Gatton Academy symbol (the Sierpinski triangle) and because the other teams were named after their sororities, we were named DeltaDeltaDelta.

Unfortunately, the season lasted a short two weeks, four games total. But that didn’t stop us from having so much fun! Going to a school with no real sports teams can be sad for those of us that do love sports and had to leave teams back home. It was exciting to watch not only veteran players return, but also new players being introduced to the game. Two of our games in particular were fun in that the competition was stiff. In both games we won one set but lost the second and third sets. In the last game we played, we had reached the point cap and only lost by one point. I am happy to report that we have not tarnished Gatton’s intramural record. We are still 0-All. (Gatton teams are well known for losing, but we probably have just as much fun as anyone else, if not more.)

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